Engineering and Technical Development


Knoskat would facilitate and provide a full engineering and operational based Audit function in order to ascertain the requirements for future and existing competence profile matching to your operations. The process is complex but can be simplified as follows:

Visit all sites and business areas of the Customer which could include (as an example) the Mine, Crusher, Port, Rail and Engineering departments and observe the processes within these departments.

Discuss Technical Training and Development needs and shortcomings with line management within the relevant departments in line with operational processes.

Observe training and development intervention as well as current and available infrastructure.

Discuss training with training personnel and understand methodologies and practices and processes.

Scrutinize training data management and process.

Evaluate training as a holistic approach within Customer business in terms of alignment to process and business objectives and associated risks.

Search for and determine synergies between departments and that which could be used in the broader operational fraternity within Customer operations.

Download the full engineering and technical development process

Knoskat Resourcing

The Africa brand of Knoskat entered the African Market in 2016 and is one of the few truly specialised consultancy recruiting solely for the needs of the African Mining industry in Africa. This gives our clients the benefit of a dedicated service through a team of consultants that fully understand the requirements of our clients.

In any organization, it is important that the right people are assigned to the right jobs. It is also crucial that these people have the necessary qualifications and experience so that they can perform their tasks efficiently and effectively. Finding the right fit can sometimes be a challenge, especially in a crowded job market.

Knoskat’s reputation for quality within the recruitment industry has made us the premier choice among our clients. Our global network enables us to provide local services and deliver complete project solutions while our management of the interface between our client, the project team and the workforce allows you to concentrate on the more critical areas of the project.

We maintain an extensive database of candidates who have been chosen through a strict screening process, ensuring that only the best-qualified candidates are presented for client consideration. Using our service means that you are able to cover your manpower resource needs quickly and efficiently by maintaining a highly flexible workforce. Regardless of what qualifications or expertise you need, Knoskat has the knowledge and capability to supply you with the right personnel for the right job.


The Recruitment Process

Knoskat has recognised that organisations can no longer recruit quality staff by asking a few questions. Knoskat has built up a strong data base of Operational Mining/Contracting potential candidates with the required qualifications and relevant experience. Knoskat has first-hand experience of what conditions potential candidates may have to operate under in Africa.

Screening and assessment process – a holistic approach

  • Behavioural-based interviewing process to support top class candidates.
  • Tailor made referencing conducted by Knoskat.
  • Candidate profiles inclusive of all relevant checks and qualifications screened and provided.
  • A dedicated follow up from the Knoskat representative on candidates presented and assistance with the setting up of interviews.

Specialised Recruitment Initiatives

  • Ongoing advertising drives to attract top talent for the business.
  • Behavioural based interviewing process to support the job requirements and culture fit match of our clients.
  • Customised role plays to assess Candidates ability to manage real life scenarios, level of professionalism and to be proactive in managing customer relations.

Service cost and fees

The costing structure and fees is not set for any of the services and customers as it is dependant of the type and criticality of a specific position as well as the seniority associated with the position.
Knoskat believe that each assignment is unique and as such each customer is treated independently and the cost of the assignment is thus discussed and agreed upon beforehand.
Knoskat do however have a Service Level Agreement with each customer that highlights performance and guarantee requirements and specifications.
By relying on Knoskat’s extensive database of candidates and our expertise in matching candidates to your specific needs, you can be assured that you will get the most suited candidates for your needs. Ultimately, by putting the right people in the right jobs, you ensure that your operations run more smoothly and