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Strategic HR needs

As part of our HR family, Knoskat HR Services would be the answer to the challenges with your day-to-day and strategic HR and Developmental needs. HR Processes and Practices: proper and dedicated HR Practices is crucial to the wellbeing of the workforce. We develop systems, implement processes, and guide HR personnel, coach and mentor HR personnel to enable them to fulfill their duties optimally and in line with the business strategy.



We perform a variety of HR Consulting and special HR Projects to help you achieve your “human performance” goals.



We can help your company identify national and legislative compliance discrepancies, which will prevent you from paying fines and penalties.



Training programs that have been proven to signifcantly improve the productivity and effectiveness of your organization. We create ISO accredited environments through system development, document alignment and standardisation of processes and procedures over a wide range of disciplines with emphasis on Human Capital Management.



We’ll develop your company;s compensation strategy that is competitive, equitable and attracts the right talent while enhancing the company culture. In addition Knoskat Payroll will.



At Knoskat HR Services we can help you lay the groundwork for how your business runs from day to day. We will develop your Employee handbook ensuring that your operational culture, processes and systems as well as relevant policies, procedures and rules is captured in an easy to read and understand booklet.



More and more organizations have begun to understand how to turn their HR Departments into profit centers through strategic development.



Knoskat HR Services offers a staff of talented speakers who can present to your event regarding nearly anything imaginable in the field of Human Resources.

Specialised services

We can coach your team
Short course workshops ensure employee development

As part of our HR family, Knoskat HR Services would be the answer to the challenges with your day-to-day and strategic HR needs. HR Processes and Practices: proper and dedicated HR Practices is crucial to the wellbeing of the workforce. We develop systems, implement processes, and guide HR personnel, coach and mentor HR personnel to enable them to fulfil their duties optimally and in line with the business strategy.

ISO Quality management system development and alignment

  • We will facilitate, develop and implement your ISO management system and ensure compliance to principles of ISO in order for you to obtain the certification.
  • Initial Certification Stage 1 Audit – Involves a detailed review of the documents including internal audit records and management review minutes.
  • Initial Certification Stage 2 Audit – Assessment of system implementation.
  • Final Audit Report –Report on audit results including non-conformities requiring corrective action and opportunities for improvement.
  • Certification – Clients successfully meeting the certification requirements will be assisted to obtain a Certificate of Conformity indicating the standard(s) to which certification has been achieved through an accredited certification authority.
  • Surveillance Audit – Conducted on site at six (6) month or twelve (12) month intervals to determine ongoing conformity, continuing the relationship.
  • Re-certification Audit – Full on site audits are conducted every three (3) years for renewal of certification.
  • Pre-Assessment (Optional) – You can choose to have a preliminary evaluation of the implementation of your management system to identify areas of non-conformance and allow you to correct these areas before you begin the certification process.

Development of training material/programmes

Quality training development material and programmes is crucial in the process of developing and training of any employee. It is imperative to ensure that all facets of the skills and technical component, legislative requirements, operational requirements and standards as well as the “Attitude” component of the process is captured in a format that is easily read, understood, applied and interpreted.

Coaching and mentoring

Supervisory and Training personnel have gained over time knowledge of what to do! But the where, when and how has never been instilled in their operational capacity. Knowing what to do does not necessarily mean knowing how, when and where, which results in the supervisor or trainer being alienated from his subordinates and learners, failing to apply the basic required principles or ensuring that qualitative instead of quantative transfer of skills is measured or a trust relationship is build measured against sound KPI’s and supervisory principles.

Training of training personnel

Training centre is staffed with personnel without necessary competencies to transfer knowledge and skills to new employees. Have an “assessor” qualification does not necessarily mean that one is a competent training/facilitator.

Union Executive and Branch member development

Unionised environment has grown and the demands on union officials to address the needs of employees without losing focus on business requirements, ensuring sustainable operations and continual employment opportunities. Union official is elected randomly from employees and no training and development is done to ensure that they are capable to perform their functions. This relates to misunderstandings, poor discipline management and representation deficiencies resulting in Union official losing credibility and trust within their constituencies.

Conflict management

Conflict is inevitable. Disciplinary processes is most of the time flawed and as such we provide assistance with disciplinary process, development of disciplinary codes and procedures and are also able to facilitate and present business in CCMA and Bargaining council proceedings.

Development of employees through short course workshops specifically developed as per client requirements

Specialised Services

We can help with our variety of services
If HR and HRD is a concern to you, then you need to talk to us.

HR system development

Development of tailor made HR systems, processes, procedures, policies and control mechanisms.

Skills Audits and training matrix development

Conducting skills audits in order to develop and establish requirements in terms of training interventions.

Design and development of training systems

Development of tailor made training systems, processes, procedures, policies and control mechanisms.

Training and development of union officials

Tailor made development program for Union officials in terms of the legislative and operational requirements, role of Union officials and compliance to Collective Agreements.

Discipline management facilitation

Acting as third party disciplinary case chairman as well as appeal case management.

CCMA and Bargaining Council

Acting on behalf of client (through appointment) at CCMA and Bargaining council proceedings including Conciliation and Arbitration preparation.

Development and implementation of performance management interventions

Development of tailor made Performance Management systems and processes including all policies, procedures and incentive schemes.

Development and implementation of job profiling and KPI’s in line with job profiles

Analysis of all jobs, developing job profiles and KPI’s in line with job profiles and aligning performance management system to the job profiles. In addition we will match all job profiles with training and development matrixes to ensure that specific training interventions is designed as per job requirements.

Development of social labour plans (SLP)

Development of Social Labour Plans in order assist business with acquiring mining rights, mining right conversions and exploration rights.

Facilitation of Implementation Phase of SLP

Coordinating, facilitation and managing Social Labour Plan intervention including but not limited to physical asset management, project coordination, project management, coaching and mentoring of project owners etc.

Coaching & Mentoring

Psychological contract
Profit is an outcome of managing and developing people

KNOSKAT Pty (Ltd) provides on the job Coaching, Mentoring, Guidance and Practical Theoretical Based Training for Supervisors, Training Personnel and Union officials. In terms of learning, training and development, what’s good for people is good for the organizations in which they work. What’s good for people’s development is good for organizational performance, quality, customer satisfaction, effective management and control, and therefore profits too.

This is central to a fairly balanced “Psychological Contract” in employment organizations.

Profit is an outcome of managing and developing people well. People and their development enable profit. Enable people and you enable profit. Organizations which approach Training and Development from this standpoint inevitably foster people who perform well and progress and importantly, stay around for long enough to become great at what they do and to help others become so.

Training is a very commonly used word, but learning is in many ways a better way to think of the subject, because learning ‘belongs’ to the learner, whereas training traditionally ‘belongs’ to the trainer or the organization. This is a significant difference in attitude and the way in which we approached the learning environment.

Training should be about whole person development – not just transferring skills, the traditional interpretation of training at work. Whatever your role and responsibility, you might not immediately be able to put great new emphasis on ‘whole person development’. Being realistic, corporate attitudes and expectations about what ‘training’ is and does cannot be changed overnight and most organisations still see ‘training’ as being limited to work skills, classrooms and power point presentations. However, when you start to imagine and think and talk about progressive attitudes to developing people – beyond traditional skills training – for example:

  • ‘enabling learning’
  • ‘facilitating meaningful personal development’
  • ‘helping people to identify and achieve their own personal potential’

Then you will surely begin to help the organization (and Management as a whole) to see and accept these newer ideas about what types of ‘learning and development’ really work best and produce class-leading organizations.