Full Human Resource Development Solution

We accommodate the unique spectrum of your business through assisting with the Development of your people.

At Knoskat (Pty) Ltd, we understand that every business is unique. Our Human Resource Development services are designed to accommodate the unique spectrum of your business requirements. Whether you’re looking to ensure compliance with employment laws, position your company as a progressive employer of choice, establish a proven, technology-based HRD program, creating and sustaining a Developmental environment where your employees attain and demonstrate competence, and HRD  Administration, you’ll enjoy the convenience of a personalized HRD experience that provides as little or as much HRD support as you need.

Human Resource Development, Human Resource optimization, Organizational Re-engineering and Design, Training and Development of employees of the organisation, Corporate Social Development in the community in terms of Social Responsibility Initiatives is some of the specialized services provided by Knoskat (Pty) Ltd.

At all times you’ll enjoy the convenience of a personalized HR and HRD experience that provides as little or as much HR support as you need.

Operational Scope and Services

Turnkey HRD Operational Service

HRD Systems and Process Development

ISO 9001 Development and Alignment

ERP Integration and Alignment with Processes

Policy and Procedural Development

Multiskilling Program Development in line with value chain, Operational Requirements, and OEE and Budget Requirements

Social Development Programs

Supervisory and Leadership Development

Gap Analysis and Training needs Assessment

Assessment of Current and Prospective Training Requirements

Training Audits

Training Model Development, Management and Execution

Strategic HR and Training Development with Business Strategic Models

Technical Training Development and Management

Design and Development of Technical Training Framework

Provision of Technical Training Staff and Competence profiles for new training staff

More about Knoskat

We are a full Human Resource Development solution

KNOSKAT Pty (Ltd) aims to serve the Industry with regard to its full Human Resource Development solutions requirements. All key areas are addressed including but not limited to Strategic Human Resource Development and Training Alignment, Personnel and Management Development, Coaching and Mentoring, Training Material Development and Provision, Human Resource Development Services for all levels in an organization. We provide best Practices and Managerial Skills Development and Education of Employees in general in terms of their role in the business (Business Acumen). We further strive to support operations in the development of their Corporate Social Development Initiatives, Skills Development Initiatives and Community Program Management.


  1. Recall Data
  2. Understand
  3. Apply (Use)
  4. Analyse (Structure/Elements)
  5. Synthesize (Create/Build)


  1. Receive (Awareness)
  2. Respond (React)
  3. Value (Understand and Act)
  4. Organise Personal Value System
  5. Internalise Value System (Adopt Behaviour)


  1. Imitation (Copy)
  2. Manipulation (Follow Instructions)
  3. Develop Precision
  4. Articulation (Combine, Integrate Related Skills)
  5. Naturalisation (Automate, Become Expert)


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